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As the newest community college in the state, Cascadia Community College embodies all the energy and passion of our youth. For us, this past year has been one of achievement, growth, and introspection. We developed a 10-year academic plan, welcomed a record number of domestic and international students, and are on track to debut our first Bachelor in Applied Science degree. These milestones have involved rich discussions across our campus and amongst community, industry, and government leaders about the critical role Cascadia plays in expanding opportunities for individuals, educating a new workforce, and strengthening our regional economy.

We’d like to share a few highlights with you. Call it rhapsody. Call it bragging.

We call it the . . .




Cascadia offers a full slate of educational programs critical to cultivating a vital community and a well-trained workforce. Those programs are our product. We are always striving to improve them.

This year, one of our focal points was strengthening our


integrative learning (in-tə-ˌgrā-tiv ler-ning) n. collaborative and active learning across different disciplines as evidenced by the variety of learning options available to our students

We expanded learning communities, community-based learning and service learning opportunities, which allow students to deepen connection to course materials as they learn and practice skills both inside and outside the classroom.


In response to state and industry demand, Cascadia is developing a Bachelor in Applied Science in Sustainable Practices. This degree will prepare students to manage sustainability initiatives for government agencies, utility companies, building and construction management firms, and other large organizations. Not only is our new degree an extension of an existing academic program, but it’s in synch with Cascadia’s long-standing dedication to environmental sustainability. (Pending final accreditation Summer 2014)


This is where the rubber meets the road. Over the past year, we have made changes to better support our students throughout their educational journey at Cascadia. We redesigned the orientation experience for new students, increased our academic advising staff, opened a Veteran’s Center, and enlarged our Math & Writing Center to give more individual and small group instruction to help students excel in their classes. And excel they do.

Cascadia transfers a higher percentage of its students to the University of Washington system than any other college in the state

Samantha Herman

Earned an AA degree in Integrated Studies at Cascadia, transferred to UW Seattle where she's majoring in environmental studies. She plans to work in the public sector to influence environmental policy and public behavior.
Samantha credits Cascadia for the seed of inspiration: She muddled her boots in the campus wetland studying soil horizons and completed a service learning project for EarthCorps.

"Getting to have hands-on experience with what we were learning about in the classroom helped me choose my field of study."

80% of Cascadia students who applied to UW Bothell were accepted in 2013
Lee Doran

Lee Doran

Got an AA degree in Business at Cascadia, transferred to UW Bothell and earned a BA in Business Administration, and is now pursuing a MA degree in Education at Seattle University.
Lee says Cascadia provided the high level of support he needed when he was stuggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury after returning from Iraq.

"Teachers and staff I encountered were wholeheartedly committed to students and were helpful in any way they could be."

76% of students enroll at Cascadia with the intent to transfer

Joshua Bennett

Earned an AA degree in Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Practices at Cascadia, transferred to Western Washington University to complete a BA in Urban Planning and Environmental Economics. Joshua says he found Cascadia's ETSP program to be challenging.

"In fact" he says, "I am well ahead of my fellow students at WWU when it comes to subjects like sustainability and philisophical ideologies."


"As the top two-year college destination for Northshore graduates, having a strong partnership with Cascadia is vital for our students. The joint initiatives undertaken in recent years not only assure our students a greater chance of success once at Cascadia, they also jump start that process through earlier intervention and better articulation of learning standards and expectations."

Larry Francois, Superintendent of
Northshore School District

"By working with Cascadia Community College, we’re able to offer a seamless collegiate experience to the many students who transfer to UW Bothell after completing their work at Cascadia. Student leaders from Cascadia and UW Bothell are currently collaborating on a new Student Activities Center, which will benefit students on both campuses."

Bjong Wolf Yeigh, Chancellor
University of Washington Bothell

“In the years ahead, access to talent will be the primary differentiator between growing and stagnant economies. It is not a stretch to say that regions such as ours that focus on talent creation through forward thinking institutions such as Cascadia Community College will be the winners in the new economy.”

Bart Phillips, CEO of OneRedmond

Bastyr Signing

Bastyr Predisent, Daniel Church and Cascadia President, Eric Murray sign articulation agreement.


We’ve been working with our colleagues in the Northshore School District to align high school math programs…developing transfer agreements with universities both in state and across the country…and partnering with regional industries to design our professional/technical courses and create hands-on learning opportunities to ensure we graduate students with the skills and knowledge needed to grow our economy.


Accessibility is a hallmark of community college education. At Cascadia, we believe everyone should be able to pursue quality higher education.


Cascadia partners with the University of Washington Bothell to bring high school students from a variety of underserved populations to our campus for special college planning days. This year we’ve hosted more than 1,000 prospective students, including English Language Learners, undocumented, and first-generation college students. Every event is designed to meet the specific needs of the group while familiarizing students with college pathways through a combination of hands-on activities, interactive tours, panel discussions, and motivational speakers.

Doug Baldwin

Seahawks' Doug Baldwin speaks at Black Opportunity & Leadership Day on Cascadia campus


Maud Steyaert’s vision upon being hired as Cascadia’s new coordinator for disability support services is to engage the college in “building a disability positive campus climate.” She is working to dispel any notion that students with disabilities are receiving special treatment by educating stakeholders that every student with functional or health issues is entitled to reasonable accommodations to allow full participation in college classes and activities. Some 100 Cascadia students currently receive accommodations. Maud says even though community colleges serve a higher percentage of students with disabilities than public or private four-year institutions, substantially fewer students request accommodations than are eligible. When students request letters of accommodation she tells them, “Congratulations on exercising your civil rights.”

Maud Steyaert and Student

Maud helps student understand classroom accomodations


This year the Cascadia Community College Foundation awarded more than $68,000 to support students with limited financial resources. One such student is Simon Okelo, who grew up in a slum outside of Nairobi, Kenya and is now earning his associate degree at Cascadia.

Simon Okelo



Transforming lives through integrated education in a learning-centered community. That’s what we get excited about.
Really, we do.