New Degree
Bachelor's of Applied Science in Sustainable Practices
It’s the degree of our future – a blend of science, management, and innovation – whose practitioners are equipped to design and implement sustainable approaches to how we live and work.

Cascadia’s BASSP degree expands upon the college’s longstanding commitment to sustainability as both a cultural value and an academic discipline. It also fulfills local industry and state needs by graduating students prepared to manage complex projects for government agencies, private and non-profit organizations, water and agriculture industries, construction management firms, and educational institutions.

Cascadia graduates of the Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Sustainable Practices will enter the workforce having mastered coursework in five competency areas:

Systems Thinking

The ability to analyze complex systems across societal, environmental, and economic domains as well as across local and global scales.


The ability to motivate, enable, and facilitate collaborative and participatory sustainability research and problem solving.


The ability to analyze, evaluate, and craft rich ‘pictures’ of the future related to sustainability issues and problem-solving frameworks.


The ability to design and implement interventions, transitions, and transformative governance strategies for achieving sustainability.


The ability to map, apply, reconcile, and negotiate sustainability values, principles, goals, and targets.